When Should You Put Your Prices on Your Website?

Here are 3 scenarios to consider if you should put your prices on your website:

1 – When you want to price anchor working with you at a high dollar amount

Case Study:

A mentor of mine puts the price of working with them for 1 year on their site at $100,000. All their other programs look “affordable” compared to the annual program.

This works best when:
• You have strong content marketing
• You serve a very specific type of clientele
• You have a lot social proof of the transformations you deliver to your clients

2 – If your services are productized & showing your prices strengthens your positioning

Case Study:

My friends at conversionfactory.co, a design agency, allows you to “buy” their services like a SaaS. Their delivery is productized, yet their work is bespoke. Their positioning is strengthened by how they present themselves online.

This works best when:
• You have a clear deliverable for your clients
• Your clients understand the value of the work you do
• Your pricing model matches the industry you’re targeting

3 – If showing your prices highlights your competitive advantage & benefits your target market

Case Study:

When shopping for an agency to do dev work, I get quotes and proposals upwards of $30,000 just to spec out the project before any code is written… when instead I can go to shops like React Squad and can hire a dev for $65/hr.

This works best when:
• You’re disrupting industry norms
• You have a unique business model
• Your pricing is the solution of the biggest frustrations of your target market

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