Who Wants It More? Part 1: Pushing The Prospect Away

When you’re on a call with a potential client

both of you can sense the energy on the call

• who leads
• who is hesitant
• who wants it more

It’s up to you to decide how you want to show up

and the rules you’ll abide by when executing your call.

These rules are separate from your sales script and sales process

(as a matter of fact, tear up your sales script – it will force you to internalize it rather than read it…anyways…)

The energy you convey on a call is determined by your
• self-view
• belief about your product
• and stress or tension you have about closing the sale

X Don’t focus on closing
» Focus on guiding

If you don’t do this you’ll be in a place of
• want
• neediness
• reek with what’s commonly called “commission breath”

But when you show up with the idea of figuring out if THEY want it more

(in other words, push the sale away)

The right client
• will demand to work with you
• be willing to invest more time to see what it takes to work with you
• feel different, opening up to a true partnership vs. vendor relationship

Case Study 1: The more expensive option.

One of my rules for calls is to always provide value and options on discovery calls.

On a recent call, I noticed the prospect was still in the exploratory phase

not ready to make a decision.

So I ended the discovery process

and sent him alternative options (yes other companies) to look at before talking to me again

explaining that working together was more expensive than the alternatives.

In their words: the prospect “felt relief” that I wasn’t there to close them on the spot.

(And a week later, we’re exploring a possible partnership)

Case Study 2: The call that should have ended in 5 min.

A client of mine was on a call with someone who wanted to call the shots (i.e. telling the client how high to jump for little pay)

“No” was the response.

The call should have ended there.

Prospect, taken aback, asked, “well what do you think we need”.

Script was flipped

from “Hey vendor, jump this high and charge this low”

to an advisor: “tell me what I need”

and with the right positioning, this led to a larger deal size opportunity

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