Who wants it more? Part 2: Pushing The Advisor Away

Let’s pretend you’re the prospect

and you had a convo with a potential advisor (service provider etc)

but pushed the sale away for any reason.

How would you, the prospect feel if they:

Scenario 1: don’t respond back to you and move on

Just shows they were in it for the sale and didn’t care. No true partnership just a transactional relationship.

Scenario 2: they follow up every so often just to follow up

They’re giving off the “nice guy” feel, and it just shows they’re desperate.

Scenario 3: they accept where you’re at but provide options for you to get out of your problem

They show they understand your problem, aren’t pushy, and are a guide for you regardless of whether you go with them or not, which actually gravitates you to consider working with them.

Which scenario are you modeling?

Let me know if you want more examples of scenario 3 done right.

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