You’re Probably A Digital Consultant

Sparse are the analog consulting days where the consultant meets the client (typically in person), performs their audit, goes through their process and presents to the client their findings without ensuring (or caring) the client follows through on the findings or not. 

Spoiler alert: the client typically doesn’t. 

Client’s are only getting savvier, need actual results, and will not wait for a lag in communication. 

In stark contrast, Digital Consultants are digital natives that go the mile further to find the core issues to client problems AND provide the solution as a service or digital program

Digital Consultants transfer value in bits first (digital), and that value (change) impacts atoms (offline). 

They don’t provide products or services; they provide transformation. 

They also come in pairs: as solo artists or build teams around them. 

And the wave of the new economy, fueled by the Great Resignation, is only fueling more solo artists and those artists then grow their teams globally. 

With the delivery method being in bits, the value transfer from Digital Consultant to the client can vary:

From professional services being done by a remote team in multiple time zones…

…to a digital program where the Digital Consultant can work with multiple clients simultaneously, without scaling up the time it takes to serve these clients…

Digital Consulting is becoming the new norm. 

However, they also face remarkably new issues that analog consultants haven’t from, for example: 

  • Remote only work environment 

  • Communication in real-time and communication in lag time (async)

  • Creating services and digital programs that work in harmony to drive client results 

  • The “side gig” economy (which most people on your team are in) 

  • Scaling client results without scaling labor costs 

  • Positioning services and programs with pricing models that allow for actual economies of scale 

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a Digital Consultant. 

In the following Newsletters, I will be showing you “under the hood” of the mechanisms that I have personally used (and created) to solve these issues in different verticals. 

From a Digital Consultant to a fellow Digital Consultant: 

Keep going. 

Your market needs you more than you know. 

Do Good Work, 


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