A Mission to Create 10,000 Skilled Jobs for Young Africans Trapped up in the Slums with Emmanuel Trinity

In this conversation, Raul speaks with Emmanuel Trinity about the work that he is doing to create jobs for young Africans.

Emmanuel discusses his motivation for starting his company, era92 Creative, and his goal to create 10,000 jobs for Africans by 2028. So far, he has created 1500 jobs and is well on his way to hitting his goal. He also talks about the impact that his work is having on the lives of young Africans and what the future of work holds for Africa.

Who’s The Guest?
Emmanuel Trinity is a serial social entrepreneur from Kampala, Uganda with a passion for upskilling the next generation of digital talent in preparation for jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities in Africa.

He’s the founder of era92 Creative- a Subscription Creative Services Social Enterprise powering the Next Generation of Digital Talent Across Africa.

Trinity is also the co-founder of era92 Group, a group of social enterprises on a mission to reverse engineer poverty and create prosperity for Africans through businesses & microfinance. He has created 1500 jobs for youth from the slums of Uganda and is on a mission to create 10,000 jobs for young people across Africa.

He has been featured on a few podcasts which include:

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