Simplifying Demand Gen with Demand Gen SaaS Consultant Janelle Amos

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In this podcast, Janelle Amos, founder of Elevate Growth, discusses her journey to entrepreneurship and why she feels it is important to have a moral code and strong work ethic when starting your own business.

Janelle talks about how she started her business with the help of people who believed in her. She recalls how she struggled with self-doubt and how important it was for her to seek guidance from those who had already been successful. Together with Raul, they discuss how important it is to keep a record of your successes, in order to remind yourself that you are capable of achieving great things.

Who’s The Guest?
Janelle Amos is a former in-house head of demand gen who took her experience from several startups to pursue her own aspirations of becoming a business owner.

Founder of Elevate Growth, a demand generation consulting firm, Janelle is passionate about helping B2B SaaS companies create go-to-market strategies that catapult their demand gen efforts and achieve their revenue numbers.


  • Getting to know who Janelle Amos is
  • Why should you start on your own?
  • The transition to entrepreneurship
  • Boutique versus high growth and high volume
  • How Janelle structures her business
  • Having a balance between business and lifestyle needs
  • Different challenges as an entrepreneur
  • Using LinkedIn Video Marketing to grow your business
  • TikTok for business marketing
  • Focusing your marketing efforts on your ideal customer profile
  • What demand generation is and its impact on business revenue
  • Exciting work in the demand gen industry
  • Best places to learn more about Janelle and Elevate Growth

    Episode Resources

  • Connect with Raul Hernandez Ochoa
  • Connect with Janelle Amos

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