B2B Performance Marketing & RevGen Podcasting with Dots Oyebolu

Raul talks with Dots Oyebolu who shared his experience in assisting B2B and B2C businesses with their marketing strategies. He stressed on the need for companies to concentrate on product market fit and value creation instead of focusing solely on targets and KPIs. Oyebolu advised against paying too much attention to competitors instead of focusing on improving the company’s offer. 

Who’s The Guest? Dots is a performance marketer & has worked with over 200 B2B and D2C businesses globally. He’s also helped enterprise clients like Meta, Alibaba, Siemens, AWS, Cisco, and Zendesk meet their commercial objectives with their content marketing strategy.

Episode Highlights

  • Lead a new generation of growth performance marketers and help companies connect the dots with their marketing strategy
  • Dots explains his strategy of product-market fit
  • Creating desire in the marketplace versus channeling existing desires
  • The importance of listening to both positive and negative customer feedback to improve processes
  • Impact of strategic relationship building in account-based podcasting
  • Being open to feedback from sales and service teams to improve marketing strategies
  • The role of marketers in setting prices

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