The 4 Secrets of High Performance with Tony Castillo

Raul talks with Tony Castillo, a sports nutrition expert, discussing the importance of nutrition and hydration for optimal performance. They recommend drinking water based on your body weight and the frequency of air travel and suggested regular protein intake for muscle growth, while debunking the fasting trend. They highlighted the common mistake among entrepreneurs of neglecting hydration and protein. They also discussed the role of post-workout meals, viewing cultural food as beneficial, and the significance of the carbon-fiber ratio in food.

Who’s The Guest? Tony Castillo is an elite sports nutrition expert empowering athletes, business leaders, and performance-driven individuals through optimal nutrition. With experience working with MLB teams like the Toronto Blue Jays and the University of Florida, Tony’s journey from an overweight student to a wellness advocate fuels his mission.

Episode Highlights

  • Peak performance and maintaining energy levels
  • Learning from peak performers and implementing their habits into everyday life
  • The “anabolic window” and the importance of eating protein throughout the day
  • Habits about eating before workouts
  • Strategy to allow foods you love in your diet more often for sustainability
  • Sustaining diet changes for life
  • Incorporating cultural foods into the diet

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