Breaking Barriers: Empowering Underserved Communities to Lead Themselves, Others, and Their Communities with Tim Lupinacci

In this podcast episode, Tim Lupinacci, CEO of Baker Donelson, emphasizes that everyone can be a leader and make a positive impact on their communities and families. He shares the importance of finding purpose in work and giving back. Tim is creating a book and training manual to teach leadership skills to underserved populations, including those in prisons, homeless shelters, and inner-city youth organizations. He encourages everyone to plant seeds for change and aims to leave a legacy of empowerment and inspiration.

Who’s The Guest?
Tim spent the first 28 years of his legal practice helping financial institutions solve complex problems in commercial healthcare workouts and bankruptcies. Four years ago, he was selected as CEO and Chair of Baker Donelson, one of the largest law firms in the country. He has led significant organizational change and growth and is in the midst of executing a five year BakerVision strategy, and Diversity & Inclusion Compact.

Episode Highlights

  • Tim Lupinacci shares a personal story of when he was first told he was a leader and the impact it had on his career and leadership journey
  • He emphasizes the importance of everyone being a leader in their own realm and putting intentionality into developing growth opportunities
  • Exploring the importance of transparency, admitting mistakes, and being open to feedback from others in establishing trust within an organization
  • How he implemented the “trusted advisor mini MBA program” to build and foster leadership skills within the company
  • Tim introduces the non-profit he’s building called “Everybody Leads” and how it aims to provide leadership skill-building opportunities in underserved communities
  • The process of finding the right niche and iteratively improving the leadership manuals based on real-world needs
  • His drive to change the world and his focus on impacting the world in their local community
  • Reflecting on a greater purpose and giving back to the community as part of their “why”
  • Comparing the potential impact of their vision to the founder of a particular non-profit organization

    Episode Resources

  • Connect with Raul Hernandez Ochoa
  • Connect with Tim Lupinacci

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