From an $18k Investment to $35M+ Thriving Business: How Krish Himmatramka Is Transforming Lives Through Life-Changing Moments

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In this podcast episode, Krish Himmatramka, founder of Do Amore, shares his story of transitioning from a mechanical engineer to starting a socially responsible jewelry company. Do Amore aims to craft ethical engagement and wedding rings while providing clean water access to developing countries. Krish highlights the benefits of a mission-focused business, allowing for a culture of honesty and transparency. The company seeks growth and greater social impact by expanding into special milestone jewelry and collaborating with industry influencers. Having a clear mission statement, like “being the most caring jewelry company in the world” helps Do Amore stay committed to bettering the world through their unique products.

Who’s The Guest?
Krish, a mechanical engineer turned jeweler, after experiencing a revelation while working on an oil rig. He discovered the vast disparity between drilling for oil and drilling for water. It troubled him deeply, as he recalled the water crisis he had witnessed in his youth. How could people be dying from lack of clean water when it was so close beneath their feet?

Around the same time, Krish found himself shopping for an engagement ring. He was disheartened by the reluctance of jewelers to discuss the ethical implications of their products. It was then that everything clicked for him. When he proposed to his significant other, he wanted the ring to not only be free from harm, but to actively make a positive impact on the world.
This life-changing event in Krish’s life became the catalyst for change in others’ lives as well. He decided that his proposal would contribute to providing access to clean water for someone in need, forever altering their life for the better.

Episode Highlights

  • Krish’s decision to create Do Amore, contributing to clean water access
  • Transition from bootstrapping to raising funds
  • Do Amore’s mission: Use life-changing events to change lives forever through clean water access
  • The impact of clean water access on children’s education, especially girls and alleviating the burdens of water collection
  • The company’s focus on customer experience instead of commission for employees
  • The impact of changing a life through clean water access and how it drives the momentum for the company
  • Krish’s thoughts on entrepreneurship and the need for entrepreneurs with greater convictions
  • The potential impact of more jewelry companies adopting the clean water mission and the persistence of Do Amore to fulfill their mission

    Episode Resources

  • Connect with Raul Hernandez Ochoa
  • Connect with Krish Himmatramka

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