Creating Category Dominance with Jennifer Zick, Founder & CEO of Authentic Brand

Raul talks with Jennifer Zick, CEO of Authentic Brand, who shares her entrepreneurial journey and details her vision for her company in the fractional Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) market. Jennifer aims for Authentic Brand to lead in this field by providing comprehensive marketing leadership and advocating for collaborative learning among professionals. She highlights the need for agile marketing teams and endorses the concept of fractional roles in non-core operations. Jennifer has also designed the Authentic Growth methodology to simplify marketing for executives and their teams.

Who’s The Guest? Jennifer Zick is the founder and CEO of Authentic Brand, a Minneapolis-based Fractional CMO firm that helps growing businesses to Overcome Random Acts of Marketing® and confidently take the next right step toward healthy growth. As a pioneer in the Fractional CMO space, Authentic Brand has built a reputation as a market leader: serving a growing ecosystem of small and mid-sized clients throughout the United States.


Episode Highlights

  • How Jennifer shifted her perspective from initial anger to trust, faith, gratitude and surrendering to a larger plan for her life
  • The ‘hustle culture’ and the value of passion and purpose in running a business
  • Her vision for Authentic Brand and how the company will support growing businesses with marketing solutions
  • Different aspects of community at Authentic Brand
  • Difficulties in running a free community
  • Rewarding moments that proved that running a free community was worth the effort
  • Evolving trends in the marketplace
  • The concept of fractional roles in businesses outside of the company’s core operations. 

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