From Scar Tissue to Sales Philosophy: How Dan Englander is Cracking the Biz Dev Code for Agencies with Sales Schema

Raul talks with Dan Englander, CEO of Sales Schema, about effectively filling the top of a sales funnel. Dan shares the key tactics, including building potential referrals and trust, focusing on effective outbound techniques and concentrating on a successful inbound project. He stresses on the need for consistency in sales and shares his success principles, including daily learning or teaching and focusing on hiring skilled individuals. The conversation also revolves around the importance of building professional relationships and the critical role of referrals in acquiring new business. 

Who’s The Guest? Dan Englander is the CEO and Founder of Sales Schema, a fractional new business development team for marketing agencies and B2B service companies.  He’s the host of The Digital Agency Growth Podcast and author of Relationship Sales At Scale.


Episode Highlights

  • The issue of lead conversion problems
  • Dealing with non-inbound referral leads
  • How to approach networking calls and provide value and generosity
  • Mindset for discipline and long-term sales processes
  • The focus on outbound tactics in top of funnel marketing
  • Common mentality of businesses regarding sales
  • Emphasis on the importance of consistency in sales efforts
  • Negative effects of inconsistency in the sales process
  • The application of ‘mise en place’ in sales and business strategy

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