Discover How Claire Angelle is Elevating the Voice of Purpose-Driven Leaders to Solve the World’s Biggest Challenges with PR for Good

Raul interviews Claire Angelle, founder and CEO of Angelle Consulting, who speaks about her career shift from a public sector communication role to entrepreneurship. She recounts starting her business following a layoff, asserting that it’s less risky to have multiple income sources. She advises fellow entrepreneurs to face their fears and seize opportunities. She highlights the importance of strategic PR, beginning only when brand and messaging are solid. Both editorial and paid content can boost credibility but should be well-targeted. PR tactics like speaking opportunities and legitimate awards can give businesses a competitive edge.

Who’s The Guest? Claire Angelle is the Founder and CEO of Angelle Consulting, a boutique PR and consultancy firm founded in 2018, with extensive international experience working with government agencies, influencers and companies large and small.

This multi prong approach is very much linked to Claire’s background, which combines more than 15 years of experience in economic development, government relations, communications and philanthropy in North America, Europe and South America. Prior to starting her own venture, Claire was Executive Director of Worth Cities – The Worth Group, a 28-year-old community of affluent and influential stakeholders leading with purpose. Claire was the operational and thought leader in charge of delivering comprehensive strategy, content and curated events for cities across the United States suffering from a recognition deficit.

Episode Highlights

  • Award opportunities in PR
  • The value and impact of awards in branding
  • Different ways to leverage new media
  • The need to define your audience before deciding on a PR approach
  • Her journey, starting from being a government employee in France to becoming an entrepreneur
  • Encouragement for individuals who are either starting new businesses or are at a crossroads in their journey
  • Take calculated risks and emphasizes the value of life lessons learned from failures

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