How To Maximize Your ROI When Working With Agency Partners with Tracey Saenz

Raul interviews Tracey Saenz, a marketing expert, who shares valuable insights about agency relationship management and strategies for brand development. She stresses the necessity of treating an agency as an extended team, maintaining open communication and establishing clear expectations. Organizations, depending on their size and needs, must properly communicate their operating procedures to the agency to prevent confusion or missed deadlines. Tracey highlights the importance of recruiting different types of agency professionals to meet unique company needs. Crucial documents such as a brand playbook and a messaging framework should be prepared to facilitate effective agency involvement. Overall, she underlines the critical role of clear communication, mutual respect, and aligned expectations in nurturing successful agency relations.

Who’s The Guest? Tracey Saenz is a marketing leader who has grown and turned around brands for over 20 years. She’s launched challenger brands, created new product categories, and expanded leading brands into new markets. As a team leader, she has nurtured decades-long relationships with team members and agency partners.


Episode Highlights

  • Tracey’s personal journey, moving from running her own agency to being part of a team to her current role at a B2B software platform
  • Market shifts due to the pandemic and what the future looks like for startups in the business landscape
  • Strategic approach to go-to-market and her focus on non-coercive marketing that prioritizes customer wants and needs
  • Strategies for managing agency relationships, starting from vetting and onboarding to managing deliverables
  • How to operationalize campaign development, breaking down the process from initial idea to launch and measurement
  • The importance of defined roles and responsibilities
  • Setting expectations when you begin a relationship with an agency and emphasize the importance of maintaining transparency and open communication for a successful partnership
  • The need for quality players, especially for smaller brands trying to stand out, suggesting that such quality may be worth paying for

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