Doing the Inner Work with Mike King: A Path to Emotional Freedom

Raul talks with Mike King, a professional in the field of digital marketing and a supportive mentor. They discuss the correlation between physical and mental wellness and success, and the potential negative impact unresolved issues can have on personal and professional relations. Mike shares personal experiences which led him to understand the importance of emotional healing and forgiveness. He also shares his method for self-discovery, which involves a deep dive into one’s past, while cautioning listeners about the emotional weight of this process.

Who’s The Guest? By day Mike King is a Digital Marketing Manager for Grant Cardone Training Technologies. By night, he is Mike Your Mentor, inspiring men to answer their higher calling as husbands, fathers, and friends.

Episode Highlights

  • The importance of the right mindset and attitude in achieving success
  • Being present as a father and aligning life’s work with personal beliefs and ambitions
  • Mike’s method of confronting troubling past events and the profound relief he felt when he apologized for a hurtful comment made during his youth
  • The ongoing journey of addressing past traumas and the profound freedom he achieved as a result
  • The importance of working on the internal state while continuing to build and grow externally
  • Realization of why he tends towards being a workaholic and the importance of providing for his family

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