Leah Rae Getts of Digital Trailblazer

Raul talks with digital marketing expert Leah Rae Getts who shares her strategies for engaging leads and customers and increasing sales for coaches and entrepreneurs. She emphasizes consistent engagement on multiple platforms, providing valuable content in her weekly ‘what to do’ webinars, and creating a trust-based relationship rather than just chasing transactions. Leah also advocates for understanding where potential leads spend their time online and structuring marketing strategies accordingly, while also seeking input for webinar topics. Despite the importance of mindset, she stresses the crucial need for business skills like marketing, traffic generation, lead conversion, and sales closing.

Who’s The Guest? Leah Rae Getts, and her husband, Todd, are the owners of DigitalTrailblazer.com and specialize in helping experts, coaches, and entrepreneurs to create, launch, and scale online courses & coaching programs. They started their online business in 2016 and after launching their first course scaled those sales to multiple 6-figures a month within only 6 months.

Their expertise ranges from branding, to funnel design & creation, to paid & organic traffic strategies, to content creation, lead generation, copywriting, appointment setting & closing, and more.

Episode Highlights

  • The real issue of creators and coaches not making enough revenue to sustain fees of SaaS companies
  • The difficulty in attracting leads and the stress of switching from a job to the advisory side of a business
  • The need to wear different hats when owning a business and the effectiveness of a holistic marketing strategy
  • Building relationships with leads organically and connecting with them in different ways
  • Insight on finding effective ways to reach specific audiences
  • Importance of giving value to leads before pitching a business or product
  • The difference between prospecting and building relationships with leads that know you
  • The significance of having an effective marketing strategy in addition to having the right mindset to be successful in business

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