From the Barrio to the Boardroom with Frank Carbajal

Frank Carbajal is no stranger to struggling, having grown up in the barrio and witnessing first-hand the challenges faced by many in his community.

Despite these challenges, Frank went on to find success in the corporate world, and he’s now using his skills and experience to help others do the same. Frank is currently working on a project to help young people from disadvantaged backgrounds get ahead in today’s workforce.

Frank’s vision is to create opportunities for those who may not have had them before and to show the world that anything is possible with hard work and determination.

Who’s The Guest?
Frank Carbajal is the Founder and President of Es Tiempo, LLC, “It’s Time”, Founder of the Silicon Valley Latino Leadership Summit, which brings the Top Thought Leaders throughout the Country to Stanford University. He is also the co-author of Building the Latino Future: Success Stories for the Next Generation (Wiley & Sons), and Co-Author of El Futuro Latino (Grupo Norma), which is published in 14 Latin American Countries, including Mexico.


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