The Seismic Shift in Leadership with Dr. Michelle Johnston

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In the midst of a crisis, many leaders are finding it difficult to show empathy and connect with their people. Dr. Michelle Johnston, a management professor, executive coach, and leadership expert, believes that times are changing and we need to be more intentional with how we connect and collaborate with each other.

In her conversation with Raul Hernandez Ochoa, Dr. Michelle discusses the importance of having high expectations and encouragement in the workplace in order to achieve performance goals. However, it is also important to maintain a balance and not be a demanding or pushy leader. They also talk about how changing societal norms and the environment can impact the way work is approached. It is important to have empathy for others and understand that trust takes time to build.

Who’s The Guest?
Dr. Michelle Johnston is a management professor, executive coach, and leadership expert helping leaders achieve results through meaningful connections. She is an award-winning professor studying leadership and business communication, and her research has shown a clear link between a team’s effective communication and its positive financial performance.

Michelle is a celebrated keynote speaker presenting at conferences and events nationwide. She received her Ph.D. in Communication from Louisiana State University, and she was named to the prestigious 100 Coaches group, which consists of the top executive coaches around the world.

Michelle serves as the Gaston Chair of Business at Loyola University New Orleans where she teaches in the graduate and undergraduate programs in the College of Business. She lives in her beloved city of New Orleans, Louisiana, with her daughter, Elizabeth.


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