From the Texas A&M Football Field to the Boardroom: How Alex Sezer Jr. is Using His Leadership Experience to Cultivate Cultural Transformation in Businesses With Biblical Principles and Passion-Driven Purpose

In this podcast, Alex Sezer Jr. emphasizes the critical role of organizational culture and leadership in achieving business success. He highlights the importance of a clear vision, mission, purpose, and core values and discusses the challenges in finding the right team members. Alex believes in self-evaluation and personal growth for effective leadership and supports providing clarity for organizations to progress confidently.

Who’s The Guest? Alex Sezer Jr. is the CEO of Alex Sezer Ventures, which is revolutionizing businesses with biblical truths. From the football field to the boardroom, Alex has excelled as a leader. During his time at Texas A&M University, he was a team captain on the football team and magna cum laude engineering grad. Shortly after, Alex became the President of two multi-million dollar real estate companies and scaled his personal portfolio to 340 units creatively, using $0 out of his pocket. Now, Alex is following his calling and showing other businesses and individuals how to succeed.

Alex’s focus is organizational improvement through cultural transformation. He is helping Christian business leaders go from Sunday morning inspiration to Monday morning implementation. He specializes in creating cultures that create passionate, profitable, and purpose-driven organizations while using biblical principles. Alex combines the Bible with business, management with a mission, profits with purpose, and culture with Christ.


Episode Highlights

  • Perseverance and dedication in both business and personal life of Alex Sezer Jr.
  • How trust and discernment in decision-making impact their work and life
  • Why Alex focuses on corporate culture and how it impacts business success
  • The cost of poor organizational culture, high turnover, and the “Great Resignation.”
  • The importance of culture in sports teams and their success
  • Redefining culture through beliefs, behaviors, and results
  • Alex’s seven pillars for creating culture: vision, mission, purpose, core values, brand, team, and building an authentic culture
  • Core values and their role in influencing behavior within organizations
  • The importance of strong organizational culture and identity to achieve success in executing a mission
  • The need to articulate the vision, mission, and brand for organizations to maintain consistency and direction after a founding leader leaves or is no longer as involved
  • Organization culture reflects leadership and understanding the role of decision-making authority in shaping the culture
  • The leadership replication model and embracing self-improvement as a leader to influence others and build a strong organizational culture
  • Providing clarity to help organizations run more efficiently and effectively by breaking down complex concepts into simple, actionable steps
  • Working on books that focus on various topics such as devotion, students, and organizational culture


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