Fairness Above All: How Galen Hair, Partner at Insurance Claim HQ, Doubled His Company In 1 Year While Revolutionizing the Insurance Industry, Supporting Communities and Empowering Businesses Through Mentorship and Education

In this podcast episode, Galen Hair, founder and partner of Insurance Claim HQ, talks about his mission to change the insurance industry by emphasizing community, resonating with clients’ values, and fostering a strong team culture. Galen also delves into the significance of adapting to legislative changes in the insurance sector and collaborating with competitors. He encourages employees to live out the company’s core values and invites interested individuals to connect on social media and their website.

Who’s The Guest?
Galen Hair, founder and partner at Insurance Claim HQ, one of the country’s largest property casualty law firms, represents policyholders against their insurance company. His experience and relentlessness have allowed him to help more than 1,200 families get back into their homes after hurricanes and other disasters.

Galen is also focused on educating the industry and helping businesses grow through mentorship and organizing the Level Up Claims Summit annually. Additionally, Galen has also launched the Level Up Claims podcast.

Episode Highlights

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