How FLIK Went From 2 Co-Founders to Helping Female Founders in 45 Countries In less Than 2 Years with Michelle Kwok

Raul talks with Michelle Kwok about her experience and focus on impact. Michelle is a born and raised Vancouverite – medical science student turned social entrepreneur. She co-founded FLIK (, a female-focused apprenticeship portal connecting female founders/leaders to ambitious female students to facilitate game-changing relationships that lift communities of women.


Beginning her career in medical sciences and initially volunteering her time to advance neuroimaging and pediatric gastroenterology research, Michelle has always had a passion for impact.

Learn about her story in this amazing interview!


  • Scaling your own impact – 2:38
  • Feeling that she did not belong there – 6:41
  • Woman interested in entrepreneurship – 8:04
  • Inspiring others – 11:11
  • Trying to find people that identify with you – 12:47
  • Creating a multiplier for your community – 17:20
  • Be there for your community all the time – 20:50
  • Identify your brand voice – 21:30
  • Creating human connection – 22:12
  • How you can bring value – 23:53
  • What’s the future of FLIK? – 24:53
  • Get in touch with Michelle – 26:56

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