How to Streamline Your Automations with Will Christensen

Raul talks with Will Christensen about how to streamline your automations. Will is the co-founder of DataAutomation, which customizes both automation and integration processes for e-commerce sellers. He enjoys tinkering with cutting-edge technology, apps, and systems, and loves to create innovative solutions for businesses and individual clients.


His mission is to help our clients get back some of that most precious commodity – time. Time to spend on innovation and time to spend with family. Prior to his present endeavors Will has garnered extensive proficiency in advertising, media management, and product development.


Enjoy this episode!



  • What is automation – 1:48
  • Automation to scale a business – 3:20
  • You need to have a plan – 7:41
  • Understand what the recipe is – 8:30
  • Talking about customer service – 15:30
  • How you can build a real relationship – 17:52
  • Using Trello – 22:00
  • Different communication channels – 25:06
  • Using Google Data Studio or other tools – 27:14
  • The sales process – 28:02
  • Eliminating the need around collecting – 30:37
  • Being passionate on automation – 32:44
  • Enjoying efficiency – 33:05


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