How Remote Startups Scale & Win by Staying Lean with Erika Zeigyte

How Remote Startups Scale & Win by Staying Lean with Erika Zeigyte

In this episode, Raul Hernandez talks with Erika Zeigyte, founder of Prosana, about her experience in growing a fully remote marketing agency from 4 to 84 employees and from zero to $2 million in annual revenue in just two years. Erica shares insights on the importance of maintaining a lean organizational structure, avoiding common hiring pitfalls, and ensuring operational efficiency. They also discuss the nuances of forecasting, organizational design, and managing client relationships for sustainable growth.

00:00 Introduction and Guest Welcome
00:06 Erica’s Background and Achievements
00:48 Scaling Up While Staying Lean
01:22 Remote Work Dynamics
01:44 Challenges in Hiring and Team Growth
02:33 Measuring Efficiency and Capacity
08:43 Client Management and Cultural Fit
13:22 Organizational Design Strategies
15:04 Balancing Job Roles and Responsibilities
18:31 Conclusion and Contact Information

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