How The Ops Authority Founder Natalie Gingrich Empowers Female Professionals in Small Business Operations to Lead with Confidence and Ease

In this podcast episode, Natalie Gingrich, founder of The Ops Authority, discusses the importance of identifying one’s natural skills in operations and creativity. She believes only 3% of the population possess both abilities and highlights her marketing and operations pyramid with four layers: implementation, management, strategy, and vision.

Gingrich shares her journey from corporate America to starting her own businesses in operations and staffing solutions, driven by her passion for helping others find fulfilling work that comes naturally to them. The podcast emphasizes the significance of understanding and leveraging innate gifts and skills and having the right strategy and vision to achieve business success.

Who’s The Guest?
Natalie Gingrich is the founder of The Ops Authority, where she certifies and mentors women who leverage their natural skill set of operations and administration. She’s driven to help women earn an income with ease while doing what comes most naturally to them. She merged her corporate career with her entrepreneurial learnings to create the Director of Operations Certification Program, the only strategic operations certification for leaders. She continuously pours into operations experts on her weekly podcast, The Ops Authority.

Episode Highlights

  • The challenges faced when people are trying to balance both operational and creative roles in a business, and how only around 3% of the population can effectively perform in these hybrid roles.
  • A framework for looking at both the operations and marketing sides of a business, discussing the different functions such as implementation, management, strategy, and vision.
  • Natalie’s background in corporate America, including working as the Chief of Staff for the CEO of a fortune 150 company and later transitioning to entrepreneurship, focusing on helping businesses become more sustainable and passionate in their work
  • As a service provider, Natalie discovered that her experience with project management and operations in the corporate world allowed her to make a swift transition into entrepreneurship, helping small businesses become more efficient and sustainable
  • Strategic view Natalie brings to businesses and how her methods have been highly appreciated by clients
  • Her fascination with how businesses grow from a founder’s vision and how it materializes over time.
  • Developing the certification for operations in small businesses and breaking down her own work to create a structure for it
  • The importance of understanding and defining your values, and how that can influence the success of your business and attracting the right people
  • Using values as a differentiator in hiring practices, job descriptions, and team building.

    Episode Resources

  • Connect with Raul Hernandez Ochoa
  • Connect with Natalie Gingrich

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