How to Balance Your Brand as You Add New Services & Team Members

#dogoodwork is a way of living, it’s the constant effort to achieve a new level of excellence. In today’s episode, you’ll learn how you can balance your brand as you add new services or team members! Listen to this episode to find out!



  • Ideas that you can apply to grow your business – 0:47
  • Talking about a new brand – 1:05
  • What’s the brand that you create? – 1:21
  • Balancing your brand and adding new services and new members – 3:07
  • Who can represent your brand? – 4:13
  • You cannot have a 100% control of everything – 5:04
  • The importance of communication – 6:06
  • Keeping the integrity of your brand – 6:37
  • Keep the positive customer satisfaction – 7:30 


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