How to Build a “Family Now” Lifestyle as an Entrepreneur with James Zolman

James has launched several businesses, had a successful exit, failed a ton, and grew 2 businesses over the $10m mark. 


Between his own businesses and consulting for others, he has been responsible for well over $250 million in small business revenue and several high six and low seven-figure launches.


James now helps business owners stay focused on strategy & growth by keeping them out of the “technician trap” and outsourcing the “grunt work”.


His personal mission is to do his best to live a “family now” lifestyle where work interrupts family and not the other way around where family “interrupts” work. 


He has two missions at Grunt Workers – one is to help marketing leaders launch more strategic and profitable campaigns than ever before… and the second is to support the career growth of brilliant marketers in the Philippines.


  • James’s background – 2:41
  • His first good sales experience – 6:52
  • Constantly learning – 8:32
  • It’s all decision-based – 10:03
  • Focused on his kids – 11:29
  • A mantra that he decided to live by – 12:20
  • A recommendation for a busy entrepreneur – 13:01
  • He likes the content generation part – 17:14
  • The biggest question is: “What do I delegate to people?” – 23:10
  • Documentation deficiency – 24:27
  • Being able to make the best decisions – 26:03
  • He loves using checklists for everything – 27:44

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