How to Develop Your Company’s Learning Strategy with Dennis Bonilla

Raul talks with Dennis F. Bonilla, who is an industry-recognized Learning Strategist specializing in the domains of learning science, learning technologies, corporate learning and development and higher education for the modern multi-generational workforce. He is a veteran of the U.S. Navy and currently, Dennis is leading digital learning transformation projects for Fortune 500 companies for GP Strategies.


His wealth of experience in delivering technology leadership and innovation spans a variety of industries including: education, telecommunications, manufacturing, fossil and nuclear energy. He has worked for many top organizations, including Fortune 100s in the technology, retail, manufacturing and healthcare space.


  • Where to begin a learning strategy – 3:13
  • Making a virtual experience really engaging – 5:42
  • Understanding the business needs – 11:24
  • Content available for you – 14:50
  • Different modalities of learning – 16:49
  • Measurement mapping – 19:07
  • Building in-house training materials – 20:26
  • Some of the common measurement maps – 21:31
  • A new learning management system – 27:31
  • The tool Slack provides a collaborative environment – 33:56


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