How to Drive Your Team & Mission Forward As an Authentic Leader with Mike Paton

Raul talks with Mike Paton, who has been learning from entrepreneurs for most of his life. 


Today, Paton works hard to give back – as an award-winning speaker, best-selling author, and Certified EOS Implementer. As former Visionary for EOS Worldwide, Paton discovered the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS) a dozen years ago while trying to take a $7 million company to the next level. Feeling stuck and more than a little frustrated, his search for answers led him to Gino Wickman and EOS. 


Having helped run four entrepreneurial companies, Paton instantly recognized the power of this simple, holistic “way of operating” a small business. He quickly became a passionate advocate, joined the Professional EOS Implementer Community, and dedicated himself to helping other entrepreneurs get what they want from their businesses.


  • Identify the real cause of the issue – 4:04
  • Being clear on the real issue – 4:16
  • Challenges and obstacles – 6:36
  • The opportunity for real transformation – 8:07
  • Leaving the fear behind – 8:50
  • There’s no place for emotion at businesses? – 11:49
  • Talking about growth – 15:14
  • Three important things for leadership – 15:50
  • Not using Zoom – 18:17
  • Use what the world gives you – 20:36
  • The vision traction organizer – 21:56


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