Leveraging Lateral Thinking to Solve Complex Problems with Brent Feldman from Matchbox Design Group

Raul interviews Brent Feldman, the CEO of Matchbox Design Group. Brent discusses the importance of having both specialists and generalists in a team. He cites the value of lateral thinking in solving complex problems and highlights his preference for a general approach due to the wider lens it provides. He also references NASA’s program of posting long-standing unanswered questions to the public, which often yielded answers from people outside the science field.

Who’s The Guest? Brent founded the digital agency Matchbox Design Group in 2006 with a business partner. The focus of Matchbox is to make the web better – more performant, more accessible because the web is meant for everyone. He’s also the host of the marketing podcast, Mix & Matchbox as well as the host of a podcast with his kids called the Weird Snack Show.


Episode Highlights

  • How being a generalist can provide different perspectives to solve complex problems
  • Importance of gaining deep knowledge from different industries and applying it to solve problems
  • Example how to understand and cater to the needs of a specific audience
  • Emerging trends in the marketplace and the current interest in Artificial Intelligence
  • The uses of AI in data analysis and the potential opportunities it could bring

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