How Mario Lanzarotti is Helping Entrepreneurs Make More Money in Half the Time

High-performance coach Mario Lanzarotti discusses the importance of mental health, inner peace, forgiveness, and purpose in business and personal relationships. Recounting his journey from material success to mental struggles and eventual self-realization, Mario urges individuals to acknowledge and feel emotions fully, rather than suppress them, to make rational decisions. He encourages more people, especially entrepreneurs, to engage in subconscious work and strive for positive impact. Mario invites people to explore his ideas and proactively connect with him through varied resources he offers, like free training on using inner peace to better business, or on his website and social media platforms.


Who’s The Guest? As a High Performance Coach, TEDx Speaker, and Conscious Leader, Mario Lanzarotti is on a mission to help entrepreneurs make more money in half the time.  With over 1.1 million views, his TEDx talk stands testimony as to how his unique methodologies enable high-performers to gain the mental clarity and focus necessary to achieve what would normally take years in just 6 months or less. He is a pioneer in using higher states of consciousness to create wealth and enjoy freedom in all aspects of life, inspiring entrepreneurs worldwide to achieve their biggest dreams without compromising their well-being.


Episode Highlights

  • Mario’s initial pursuit of becoming a pilot driven by external desires for respect, money, and societal acceptance
  • The loop between thoughts, feelings, actions, and its impact on one’s life
  • Encouragement to recognize one’s conditioning and limitations, urging a shift toward conscious creation instead of living by societal norms
  • His advocacy for acknowledging and processing emotions to avoid internalization and physical manifestations of unresolved issues
  • The importance of releasing emotions in healthy ways, such as expressing anger constructively
  • Why there’s a need to clear emotions for rationality to genuinely take place
  • Mario’s openness to conversations, contemplation, and further exploration
  • How you can connect to Mario Lanzarotti


Episode Resources


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