Marketing with Integrity with Amy Jacobus

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What does authenticity mean? How can you incorporate genuine marketing into your business?

In this episode, Raul sits with Amy Jacobus to talk about human marketing. Amy is the founder of Grounded Growth consulting, a comprehensive framework for creating an evergreen brand guide and actionable marketing plan. Amy shares the framework she uses for her clients in improving and investigating the brand and marketing strategy. She emphasizes the importance of good marketing — with integrity and aligned with values. Thus, it is also significant to constantly practice finding your authentic voice.

Tune in to know why feelings are free to get involved in marketing aside from data and numbers.


  • Who is Amy Jacobus? – 0:10
  • Expanding explanation on human marketing – 1:11
  • Everyone is craving for authentic voice – 3:17
  • Is authentic even real? – 5:06
  • Difference of corporate brands from personal brands – 7:27
  • Building feelings and connection: finding loyalty – 9:27
  • Delving into the framework for approaching brand and marketing strategy – 10:58
  • The suggested number of feedback loop: starting small and still – 16:39
  • Executing and syndicating the strategic word: how can it become relevant to marketing? – 17:43
  • Walking through the fear of sharing too much to the world – 22:50
  • Where is the marketing realm heading to? – 24:49
  • How the golden rule works in marketing – 26:24
  • What does Amy do to stay relevant? – 29:36
  • How to connect with Amy? – 31:23

    Episode Resources

  • Connect with Raul Hernandez Ochoa
  • Connect with Amy Jacobus

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