Purpose Driven Revenue Reimagined: How Lori Zoss Kraska is Transforming Fundraising with Growth Owl

Raul Hernandez, speaks with Growth Owl CEO Lori Zoss Kraska about the unique approach taken by her company to empower startups and nonprofits and secure sponsorship from large corporations. She discusses the challenges faced by these organizations, emphasizing the importance of clear brand communication and the need for maintaining and nurturing relationships with sponsors. She also touches upon her own experience of running a business, stressing adaptability, delegation, and a flexible approach.

Who’s The Guest? Lori Zoss Kraska is an accomplished revenue generation management expert with over 22 years of experience in corporate sponsorship support, fundraising, and marketing strategy roles. She is also the founder and CEO of Growth Owl, a purpose-driven organization that empowers nonprofits, startups, and associations with the tools needed to achieve their funding goals. As an MBA graduate with a Fundraising Executive Certification (CFRE), Lori has established a reputation for exceeding revenue and fundraising goals, building high-performance teams, and developing relationships quickly.

Episode Highlights

  • How reaching out to large corporations for support can empower startups and nonprofits
  • The importance of follow-up communications in building a healthy relationship with corporations
  • How she adapted her business to continue growing even during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • How to balance demands from clients and work-life integration, with a focus on maintaining personal health and creating safe boundaries in a professional environment
  • The value and realization of personal growth overtime in establishing self-confidence and comfort level
  • The implementation of new business models and the importance of consistency in achieving considerable growth over time

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