Safe Rides, Better Lives: How a South Bend Firefighter Is Making a Dent in the Rideshare Industry (and Winning) with Chad Mastagh

Raul Hernandez, speaks with Chad Mastagh, founder and CEO of Rides2U, a premium ride-sharing service aimed at underserved college communities. Chad discusses his plans to expand the service to other colleges, with aims to serve 100 colleges by the end of a 10-year period. Rides2U also hopes to expand to popular vacation points, providing a premier service that fills the gap between unreliable rideshares and expensive car services. He emphasizes the importance of passion and dedication in building a business, treating people fairly, and staying true to the vision. 

Who’s The Guest? Chad Mastagh is a South Bend Firefighter for 19 years, senior rental sales agent at Ryder truck rental and founder & CEO of Rides2U. Rides2U is a premium ride share service focused on providing safe, reliable, high-quality transportation options to college communities, currently under-serviced by the mass rideshare companies

Episode Highlights

  • Why Chad started Rides2U, discussing his concerns about the conditions for drivers in other ride-sharing companies, and his worry for his daughter’s safety using these services
  • The expansion of Rides2U
  • His desire for better ride-sharing services extends across the country
  • His approach to business, asserting the importance of authenticity, believing in your vision, and hiring the right people
  • Chad’s goal of Rides2U being successful at 100 different college campuses in 10 years, and sees a potential market in popular vacation spots in the U.S. as well
  • The potential future markets such as Orlando and Tampa Episode Resources
  • Connect with Raul Hernandez Ochoa
  • Connect with Chad Mastagh

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