Redefining Success & Authentic Business Development with Larry Kesslin

Larry recently celebrated his 22nd wedding anniversary with his wife, Ilise. 


They moved to San Diego from NYC in 2010 and are raising two young adults, their daughter Drew who is currently a junior at Colorado State, and son Noah who recently graduated high school. Larry and his family spent the first 6 months of 2015 traveling the globe while their children were homeschooled. On their global journey they visited 12 countries, 25 different Rotary Clubs, Larry was the keynote speaker at the Rotary District Governors Conference in Istanbul, and met some of the most amazing people around the globe. 


As for business, Larry has been an entrepreneur for close to 30 years. He is a business development expert, speaker and author who published his 3rd book titled “Success Redefined,” in 2015. 


Larry is extremely focused on making a difference in the world and using business as a vehicle to do that. He was co-chair of the 2018 Cause Conference and one of the founding team members of the Chamber of Purpose.


  • About Larry – 3:05
  • Meeting people – 5:04
  • What poverty means – 7:32
  • Trying to change the world – 9:05
  • Capitalism is a beautiful thing – 11:20
  • The simplicity of the human connection – 13:12
  • Work-life balance – 15:32
  • Grow the ideal client – 24:29
  • Recruiting and developing – 25:34
  • It takes time to invest in a relationship – 27:02
  • Patience is the number one skill set – 28:40
  • It is all about who are you – 30:14
  • Figuring out who is your ideal client – 32:02
  • How do you connect people? – 34:09
  • Building a real relationship – 37:01
  • Questions produce the best results – 41:33


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