Rising Above Challenges: Jessica Yarbrough’s Inspiring Path from Rock Bottom as a Single Mom to 7-Figure Business Strategist and Empowering Entrepreneurial Success

In this episode, Raul welcomes Jessica Yarbrough, a business strategist for coaches and consultants, to talk about her inspiring path from being at the rock bottom to being a 7-figure business strategist. This conversation highlights the significance of consistency, authenticity, and focusing on the right audience in marketing for high-end niches. They explore striking a balance between evolving the business and maintaining its core values, asserting authority, and attracting ideal clients. Raul and Jessica recommend tracking marketing efforts, gathering client feedback, and recognizing when to pivot or refine strategies. They also suggest exploring a 33-page guide on the ladder of influence and connecting with Jessica on LinkedIn.

Who’s The Guest? Jessica Yarbrough is a business strategist for coaches and consultants who wants to sell and scale ultra-high-end services. Her mission is to help entrepreneurs see and own their value so they can make a bigger impact in the world and have financial and time freedom.

Episode Highlights

  • Failure is a prerequisite to success, and entrepreneurs should not be afraid to fail while working towards their goals
  • The importance of staying true to one’s vision, overcoming obstacles, and not settling for the easy way out in order to achieve true fulfillment
  • Why you should start investing time and effort not only in work but also in self-care and nurturing relationships with loved ones
  • Acknowledging that it’s not possible to do everything at 100% and the need to maintain balance in life and work
  • Hiring the right people and building a strong, trustworthy team that aligns with one’s values and vision
  • The significance of inbound marketing in building an engaged and relevant audience, especially for high-ticket offers
  • Focusing on obtaining proof of success from clients to use in marketing and increasing future client acquisition potential
  • Building a business model that is both fun and eliminates unnecessary stressors, allowing control over the velocity of growth and quality of clients
  • Approaching marketing and sales with a mature, long-term perspective and focusing on building trust and credibility in the marketplace
  • Gaining confidence in marketing by identifying the right captivated audience and aligning offers with market needs
  • Being curious, tracking, and measuring marketing efforts to continuously improve strategies


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