The 3 Keys to Lead Digital Transformations with James Binford

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Raul talks with James Binford who is a technologist and change agent and has experience working with companies like Google and KPMG. He is now working with an outstanding Cloud Security team at US Bank.


As the VP of Cloud Security Solutions, he’s on a mission to bring people together and help them leverage technology to produce outstanding outcomes.


Enjoy this interview!



  • James’ background – 1:06
  • What is digital transformation – 1:41
  • A business goal – 2:55
  • Having a strategic mindset to analyze every digital transformation – 3:26
  • Becoming a trusted advisor – 6:28
  • Talking about cybersecurity – 9:27
  • The best way to lead a team – 11:47
  • It’s hard to tell a story – 18:10
  • What new opportunities automations give us – 22:37
  • Get in touch with James – 24:30


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