The Journey Behind Building the 1st BizDev Educational Platform With Lucia Piseddu

Raul interviews Lucia Piseddu, founder of The BD School, who discusses the importance of authenticity, personalized outreach, and providing value in business development. She criticizes impersonal automation, advising companies to invest time and effort to understand their audiences. Lucia also emphasizes the need for high-quality, practical teachings in her school to ensure students are up-to-date with market trends. Additionally, she acknowledges the significance of personal involvement for business growth and guidance. 

Who’s The Guest? Lucia is the founder of The BD School, the first educational platform entirely dedicated to business development. They are on a mission to help BD pros around the world improve their skills and get great results in their jobs.

Episode Highlights

  • The necessity of being genuine and presenting original thoughts and ideas rather than copying others
  • The persistence of spam and the importance of working smart over volume
  • Approach taken by The BD School, starting with extensive research before crafting the first email
  • How she began The BD School
  • The challenging time when she considered looking for a traditional job as the stress of running the school became overwhelming
  • Trust-building and maintaining the quality of the courses
  • Importance of being practitioners themselves in order to provide quality education
  • The need to stay updated due to fast-paced business development trends

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