Transforming Agency Growth: Beyond Revenue Goals with Dan Englander

Raul interviews a returning guest, Dan, and discusses the evolving concept of agency growth and success in a digital age. Departing from traditional metrics like revenue growth or headcount, Dan emphasizes the importance of setting goals that align with personal satisfaction and business health. He introduces the idea that comparing oneself to others is inevitable, but choosing healthier benchmarks can lead to a more fulfilling growth journey. Dan outlines four stages of agency development – from ‘Glorified Freelancer’ to ‘Unfettered’ – and how moving through these stages can empower agency owners to achieve their goals, whether they aim for significant scaling or improving their quality of life.  The episode also explores the changing landscape of sales and business development, advocating for a balanced approach that prioritizes relationship building and targeted outreach over mass communication. Dan’s insights offer a fresh perspective on success, emphasizing personalization, intentionality, and the long-term building of one’s agency.

Who’s The Guest? Dan Englander is the CEO and Founder of Sales Schema, a fractional new business development team for marketing agencies and B2B service companies. He’s the host of The Digital Agency Growth Podcast and author of Relationship Sales At Scale.

Episode Highlights

  • Deep Dives and New Perspectives with Recurring Guests
  • Redefining Success Beyond Revenue: A Fresh Approach
  • Unpacking the Stages of Agency Growth and Health
  • Navigating from Glorified Freelancer to Unfettered Agency
  • The Importance of Sales as a Habit for Agency Growth
  • Leveraging AI and Personalization in Outreach
  • Looking Ahead: Excitement and New Beginnings

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