Finding Opportunity in Adversity: How Army Veteran Paul Mackiewicz is Growing Businesses with Honorable Marketing

Raul Hernandez speaks with Honorable Marketing CEO Paul Mackiewicz. As a passionate supporter of small businesses, Paul shares that his approach to digital marketing prioritizes keeping current clients happy over pursuing new accounts. He cautions against rapid scaling for sole profit, emphasizing the importance of calculated growth. 

Who’s The Guest? Paul Mackiewicz is an Army Veteran and experienced digital marketing professional. He opened his agency to provide professional service businesses with a trustworthy and knowledgeable team in their corner who live up to the values he learned in the military.

Episode Highlights

  • The biggest challenges in professional service businesses
  • Paul’s personal transformation during a period of financial and personal crisis and how he chose to use that adversity as fuel
  • How his company emphasizes principles and values over standard responses while interacting with clients
  • How generosity and differentiation marketing boost client relations and business prospects
  • Working primarily with companies that align with his personal beliefs
  • How he built his company backwards by focusing on client needs and user experience before developing a robust sales team
  • His perspective on how individuals are waking up to the pitfalls of a greedy society and are striving for a more balanced approach to life
  • How he navigates boundaries with clients, acknowledging their stress, while maintaining his own life balance

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