The Art of Workflow with Andy Hickman

Raul Hernandez speaks to Andy Hickman, founder of the Art of Workflow. Hickman enlightens on the importance of engaging our senses for effective thinking and decision making, using his clients’ successful experiences as examples. He presents a guide to thought-processing that entails recognition, externalization, clarification, and deciding when to revisit these thoughts.

Who’s The Guest? Andy Hickman is the founder of Art of Workflow, a high-touch coaching practice that empowers married couples, business owners, and entrepreneurs to regenerate their clarity & creativity. Interviewed by the David Allen Company® for his research on the ancient & medieval connections with the Getting Things Done® methodology, he’s been invited to speak for members of the U.S. congress, Business leaders at organizations like Ernst & Young, and popular podcasts.

Episode Highlights

  • A deep dive into Andy Hickman’s philosophy on the mind and the unique framework he uses with his clients
  • Unraveling the essence of how all humans think, which he believes offers a greater opportunity to enhance thinking quality
  • Andy shares his personal journey to discovering his methodology, relating to overwhelming pressure he faced while working at an educational startup which seeped into his personal life
  • The concept of thinking as more of a personal activity than a mental one
  • How thinking involves the use of our entire bodies, not just our minds
  • Questions to facilitate better understanding of ideas and tasks
  • The importance of holistic thinking as he cites a quote from a book called The Intellectual Life
  • Practices to maintain critical thinking: Proper articulation of thoughts through writing and fostering creativity through hobbies
  • The importance of externalizing thoughts and viewing them critically

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