Growing Future Leaders with Darja Gutnick, Co-founder and CEO of Bunch: An AI Coach and Community for Aspiring Leaders

What does success mean to you? How can you determine if you’re already successful?

In this podcast episode, Raul welcomes Darja Gutnick, co-founder, and CEO at Bunch, as she shares her own story of underestimating her own experiences and skills. She emphasizes that everyone should take the time to recognize and appreciate the skills and experiences they have, as it is easy to take them for granted. Her story is one of perseverance and self-belief, and she hopes to help others reach their potential.

Who’s The Guest?
Darja Gutnick is the co-founder and CEO at Bunch – an AI coach and community that makes it easy for aspiring leaders to get 1% better everyday.

She’s a bookworm, psychologist, and relentless optimist who helps future leaders grow.

Darja and Bunch’s mission is to help everyone make their own dent in their universe.

Episode Highlights

  • Darja Gutnick: Helping future leaders grow and making a dent in the Universe
  • Her success story in the startup journey
  • The benefits of self-reflection and appreciation in business
  • Exploring the capacity for growth and building bridges for success
  • Reflection on facilitating growth through empowering environment
  • The role of humility in achieving success
  • The need for scalable professional growth solutions
  • Tech enablement for professional growth opportunities
  • Models for distilling expert knowledge into machine learning platforms
  • Exploring AI Coaching: AI leadership and the role of coaches in the future
  • Reality of sexism in the tech industry
  • Microaggressions in the workplace
  • Dealing with stumbling blocks: Strategies for overcoming unconscious bias
  • The difference between being a victim and a change maker
  • Growing the pay and user base and delivering more value to premium users


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