Helping Exceptional Products Get the Attention They Deserve with Corey Haines, Cofounder of SwipeWell and Founder of Swipe Files

There are currently around 30,000 SaaS companies providing services to 14 billion SaaS customers around the world.

With the growing number of software companies opening left and right, is it worth it to start building your own?

In this episode, Raul welcomes Corey Haines, the cofounder of SwipeWell and the Founder of Swipe Files, to talk about the profitability of acquiring customers in the software and SaaS industry. He also talks about using their platform to help people save and organize marketing examples. Corey believes that copywriting is essential for marketers and entrepreneurs and that live events and communities are important for product growth.

Who’s The Guest?
Corey Haines is the cofounder of SwipeWell (the only tool dedicated to helping you save, organize, and reference marketing examples) and the Founder of Swipe Files (a newsletter and community to help SaaS founders and marketers create predictable and consistent MRR). He was previously the Head of Growth at Baremetrics and the first marketing hire at Cordial. He’s consulted and advised dozens of SaaS startups on marketing and growth.

Episode Highlights

  • Who’s the Guest: Introducing Corey Haines
  • Exploring the issues with CAC versus LTV Ratios
  • Calculating the lifetime value for subscription-based products
  • Impact of customer acquisition costs on business profitability
  • Cash flow and product-led growth strategies in software and SaaS
  • The challenges of measuring software sales performance
  • B2C SaaS and the demand generation strategies for SaaS companies
  • Exploring Relationship-Based vs. Community-Based B2B SaaS marketing strategies
  • Understanding the power of copywriting and the benefits of persuasive writing
  • How to use copy-pasting to create resonate copywriting
  • Exploring the benefits of building a SaaS and a software company
  • What it looks like finding a cofounder
  • Benefits of a swipe file for creative inspiration
  • The creative solutions of SwipeWell
  • Tips for SaaS founders who are planning to build in public


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