Live Rich. Spread Wealth. with Melissa Hughes: How to Accomplish Your Business Goals, Transform the World, and Create Lives of Limitless Abundance

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Can you accomplish your business goals, transform the world, and change other people’s lives — while earning on the side?

YES! It worked for Melissa Hughes and it can also work for you.

Melissa Hughes is a self-made millionaire and the founder of Live Rich. Spread Wealth. Global Movement. In this episode, Melissa and Raul discuss how it is possible to do good work while also doing well financially. She encourages people to stay connected to their authentic selves and divine purpose while also embracing their unique experiences and knowledge to make room for abundance. She stands for people to never run out of resources and be open to receiving so they can do great work. Melissa also highlights the importance of being humble and grateful for the abundance that comes with doing good work.

Who’s The Guest?
A self-made millionaire by 31, Melissa Hughes is the founder of Live Rich. Spread Wealth. Global Movement and a master business coach, best-selling author, international speaker, and consultant. Her mission is to help entrepreneurs and individuals accomplish their business goals (including massive profits) while staying connected to their authentic selves and divine purpose, transforming the world, and creating lives of limitless abundance. Melissa, a wife and mom of a seven-year-old global citizen has worked with leaders, trailblazers, and entrepreneurs worldwide.

Episode Highlights

  • Melissa Hughes on doing good and doing well financially
  • Receiving abundance for generational wealth
  • Exploring the relationship between money and doing good
  • The power of mindset and gratitude in achieving abundance
  • Benefits of practicing gratitude
  • Exploring her journey to finding fulfillment
  • Monetizing your skill sets: Tapping into your mental, physical, and spiritual to make money
  • Receiving abundance and getting paid for the impact you make
  • Reflection on grandparent’s influence on the entrepreneurial journey
  • Role of spirituality in achieving success
  • How Melissa became a millionaire and how spirituality was a big part of her journey
  • Benefit of an abundant mindset in uncertain times
  • Listening to your intuition and doing good work
  • How to live rich and spread the wealth


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