How to Leverage An Audience of 1 to Feed Your Media Strategy with Mary Ann Pruitt, CEO & President of Mosaic Media

Raul talks with Mary Ann Pruitt, CEO of Mosaic Media, who discusses the importance of targeting niche audiences using data points for effective marketing. She stresses the need for businesses to constantly re-evaluate their media strategies due to the ever-changing landscape of media. Mary Ann also underlines the value of client-agency collaboration and communication, and anticipates further use of advanced data collection for precise targeting. She discourages focusing too much on vanity metrics and urges businesses to consider the customer’s full journey for effective omnichannel tracking.

Who’s The Guest? Mary Ann Pruitt is the CEO and President of Mosaic Media, a collection of media buying experts and creative strategists who negotiate, purchase, and monitor advertising space and airtime. 


Episode Highlights

  • Mary Ann’s journey in the media world and how things have evolved over time
  • How media choices used to be limited and how the scope has broadened now with advanced targeting strategies
  • The value of fine-tuning your target audience and the signs that indicate you’re on the right path
  • Identifying the ‘audience of one’ as a central figure for your marketing campaigns
  • What media means today with the evolution of technologies and platforms
  • Being strategic about which media channels to focus on and deny being everywhere just for the sake of it
  • The importance of focusing on conversions rather than just collecting vanity metrics
  • Creating an ecosystem for consumers based on an omni-channel approach and tracking the success of this strategy
  • The evolution of media and how drastically things change
  • Example about how AI lacks the human aspect of strategy building by not having in-depth knowledge and experience
  • How Mary Ann positions her business
  • Importance of collaboration, sharing info, owning their expertise, and being helpful
  • Strategic data targeting and specific marketing execution based on consumer data


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