The Outbound Sales Guy: Martin MacArthur on Overcoming Challenges and Inspiring Others

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How important are sales in a business? In order to achieve greater success in sales, what’s the secret formula?

Martin MacArthur, the founder of Outbound Sales Guy, is an experienced sales professional who specializes in outbound sales to SAAS companies. He recommends using for data gathering and enrichment, making custom outreach attempts on both LinkedIn and email, and following up multiple times on the phone, with five times being the magic number). He emphasizes having a passion for what you’re selling so that you can be enthusiastic about it and adds that taking initiative and being.

Who’s The Guest?
At the age of seven, Martin was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa causing him to become completely blind. He is fluent in braille and is able to use technology thanks to companies like Apple which recognize users with disabilities and include a screen reader called Voice Over in their operating software.

Martin has over 10 years of experience filling top-of-funnel activities in sales development, managed service space, digital marketing, and technology. He’s passionate about driving top-of-funnel sales by helping companies fill their pipeline with qualified leads.


Episode Highlights

  • Who is Martin MacArthur?
  • Investing in myself: His journey to becoming a solo entrepreneur
  • Challenges that he faced as a solo entrepreneur
  • Strategies for balancing business responsibilities and helping teams grow
  • Entrepreneurship, Values, and Leverage
  • The impact of AI on the role of sales development representatives
  • Outreach strategies for Software as a Service Companies
  • Building custom messaging for prospects
  • Sales Engagement Strategies
  • Strategies for overcoming prospecting challenges
  • Outbound Sales Guy: Strategies for recharging and connecting with prospects


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