Tech Jobs for Rural America: Insights from Linc Kroeger, the Most Innovative Leader in Bringing Tech to Rural Communities

Apprenticeships are popular, but they don’t always work for jobs that require many skills. That is why Linc Kroeger, the President of Knight Moves, is looking for ways to solve this problem and create economic success for underserved communities.

Linc and Raul are discussing the difficulty of finding skilled tech talent in the US. Linc has seen many people try to include diverse talent in the workforce but without success. This motivated him to find a solution to the problem. He realized that companies were not willing to spend money on apprenticeships and that senior talent was needed to oversee them. He also noted that the competition for offshore talent was strong, with a shortage of tech talent in the US. To address this, he suggested that more should be done to bring people into tech.

Who’s The Guest?
Linc Kroeger served on the Technology Association of Iowa board for three years. He was assigned by Governor Kim Reynolds to her Empower Rural Iowa Task Force and has been identified as “the most innovative leader in bringing tech jobs to rural areas in the nation” by U.S. Congressmember Ro Khanna representing Silicon Valley. He has also been recognized as “Top National Rural Influencer” by The Ruralist and was the USDA Rural Prosperity Tour keynote speaker.

Episode Highlights

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