The Intergalactic Doctor: Dr. Jose Morey on Inspiring Underrepresented Communities in STEM and STEAM

Dr. Jose Morey is a physician, media producer, and entrepreneur. He is the CEO of Ad Astra Media and is excited about the potential of augmented reality. He is working to make AR more accessible, especially to underserved communities.

In this conversation, Dr. Jose discusses his background in medicine and computer science and how he has used his knowledge to create innovative applications in the healthcare industry. He also talks about his work with the UN World Food Programme and how he is working to inspire underrepresented communities to pursue careers in STEM.

Who’s The Guest?
José Morey, M.D. is Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Ad Astra Media LLC, an Eisenhower Fellow, and a Co-Founder of Ever Medical Technologies.

He is a health and technology keynote speaker, author, and consultant for NASA, Forbes, MIT, the United Nations World Food Programme, and the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.

He is considered the world’s first Intergalactic Doctor and is often featured on Forbes, Univision, CNBC, and NASA360.

He coined Puerto Rico as the future “Silicon Island” as appeared in Forbes, The Weekly Journal, Reddit, and Hispanic Executive.

Additionally, along with Frank Carbajal, he is co-author of “LatinX Business Success” by Wiley Publishing – recently highlighted as #1 on Amazon.

Episode Highlights

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